The Providence School Approach

The Providence School offers a self-paced learning environment combined with live 1:1 instruction provided by trained and qualified teachers. The self-paced learning environment provides flexibility for students to complete coursework when convenient and at their own pace, while the live instruction provides opportunities for students to interact with their teachers at times that work within their daily schedules.    




Our teachers and staff are passionate about student success. They take the time to get to know each student to enhance their learning experience. Although coursework is self-paced, our teachers provide deadlines and real-time feedback to help students stay on track. They also schedule 1:1 instructional time with students, providing academic and emotional support–helping them become independent learners. 



As a parent, you are your child’s facilitator and success cheerleader. You will work alongside the school and your child’s teachers to help provide your child with the proper learning environment and structure to reinforce good learning habits along their academic journey. 



At The Providence School, we want our students to become well-rounded, independent learners. In doing so, we encourage our students to take an active role in their education. Your child can take the "driver's seat" in their academic journey through goal setting, time management, and academic planning. This approach helps prepare students for what will be expected of them in college and beyond.